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Best canadian stocks with dividends

Stop Paying Tax

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Stop Paying Tax
Best canadian stocks
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NO TAX; protect your stock investment an stop paying tax

The biggest expense you get when you do any business is gouvernment tax. It is particulary true when you are a particular in Canada. But there is a way to KEEP ALL the MONEY you invest in your stock. It is very important because the money you don't pay in tax will generate money too.
NO 1 TRICK: Invest your stock into Self-directed RRSP.
There are TWO BIG advantages.
 - You get an tax refound for the amount you invest according to your tax rates
 - You don't pay tax when you are doing transaction into your Self-directed RRSPs
You may consult a professionnal or read litterature about this matter. But this is by far the greatest trick to save money and keep your money out of the hand of the gouvernement.
If you are making some lost you can't deduce them. That's why it is important to choose your stock according to the the Sound Stock Rule Investment.

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