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Best canadian stocks with dividends

Fine Curve

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Fine Curve
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Best canadian stocks
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The most important rules to choose sounds canadians stocks

There are some very good stocks on the market and so much junk stocks. Junk stocks are push by the stock lobby to play what I call 'Casino Shot' and making you sell and buy stock so they get there commission on every transactions and finally get as much money than you. Choose high quality stock and keep them
The criterias for a Fine Curve are demanding but simply:
  -  5 years constant growth
  - At least double the value in this 5 years growth
  - Gives constant growing dividend
5 years constant growth:
Within 5 years the stock should has past the different storm of the market and prove itself as a growing title. All stocks has up and down but when you look the tendance it is growing.
The yoyo stocks that goes up and down without making a constant overall growth are eliminated.
The stocks that jump sky high all of the suddent without constant growth are eliminated. However they can be candidate to Fine Curve if they maintain a constant growth over the years.
At least double the value in this 5 years growth
A stock that double within 5 years gives a composite growing rate of 14,4 by years which is correct for Nice Curve stocks. Don't forget the growth should be constant. A stock that rise 100 % a year and pludge 85 % the other year is not accepted in the select club of the Nice Curve; it owned to the obesis and diet club. Nice Curve are healthy all the years around, so if you have an emergency need of your money your not stock into a starvation period where your stock are trap into a great low.
Gives constant growing dividend:
I do insist in constant dividend because it reflect the will of the owner and top executive manager to take enough money for their wealth and let the company enogh large ressources to keep on this wealth. Don't forget that the owner and top executive have plenty of the auctions that you own... and if they sell or bleed the company to grib their part of dividend there is something going on. I always put a dout on company that gives a suddent high sky dividend. They prepare a retreat (out of the company), or they are not able to manage the growth and put back a reasonnable amount for ressources into the company.  


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